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The Glade - Screenplay (Pre-Production)

The Glade - Screenplay (Pre-Production)

Drama, Road Movie, Supernatural Thriller, Thriller | English | 90 minutes


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Cast & Crew


Jessica Roszko, Tiffini Gothard


Lacey Caroline, Kaia Nagorski


Rose Ferguson has grown up without a family. All her life that’s what she’s missed and until recently she feared that might be something she’d never have. A yearly trip to Florida with her newlywed husband and their two friends was supposed to be the getaway she needed. Little does she know that there’s a reason she grew up without a family. An evil as old as time lurks in the shadows of an old hotel on a long-forgotten stretch of highway in rural Florida. Rose does not know it, but that evil has her family’s number. Following an unfortunate series of events involving a hurricane, Rose, her husband, and their friends find themselves stranded and face to face with the very entity responsible for her abbreviated family history. As Rose faces certain death, the thing she has longed for the most could be the only thing that saves her family…and quite possibly, the world as we know it.

Rose Ferguson - Main Protagonist - (Kate Beckinsale/Elizabeth Olsen/Rosario Dawson)

Strong natured due to her haunted past and has an iron will. Reserved but social brunette/redhead in 20's/30's.

Jenny- Mom to Rose - (Emilia Clarke/Kiera Knightley/Karen Gillan)

Loving and nurturing mother of Rose. Died at a young age in Rose's life. 20's/30's.

Jamie - Aunt to Rose - (Charlize Theron/Amy Adams/Nicole Kidman)

Fierce, determined, and protective. Knows how to survive on her own. Aunt to Rose brunette/redhead 40's/50's

Azazel/The Man in Black - Main Antagonist - (Hugo Weaving/Willem Dafoe/Samuel L. Jackson)

Humorous, but easily agitated, sarcastic. He's driven by rage. Wise and sophisticated. 50's/60's.

Alex Ferguson - Husband to Rose - (Adam Driver/Taylor Kitsch/Michael B. Jordan)

Strong but with a tender side. Does his best. Humorous and witty. 20's/30's.

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