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The Ideal Palace

AFM 2018 Screening Schedule

ArcLight 2
Nov. 3 - 9:30 am

The Ideal Palace

Drama, Historical, True Story | French | 104 minutes


SND Groupe M6

Cast & Crew


Nils Tavernier


Alexandra Fechner


Fanny Desmares, Nils Tavernier, Laurent Bertoni


Jacques Gamblin, Laetitia Casta


South of France, 1879. Ferdinand Cheval is a reserved and quiet man. A rural mail carrier, he enjoys the loneliness of his 20 miles rounds, daydreaming about a word full of wonder and beauty he only glances through postcards and magazines. After the birth of Alice his daughter, he has a revelation: Building a castle to make her a princess. With no architectural background, driven by his love for Alice – the unconditional support of Philomène – his wife -and his vision.

Ferdinand Cheval dedicated 33 years to build his unique masterpiece. His ideal palace was classified as a Historical Monument in 1969 and is considered as a landmark of the Naive Art.

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