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The Key

The Key

Action/Adventure, Horror | English | 89 minutes



Cast & Crew


Gedeon Burkhard, Markus F. Adrian


Claudius Rauch


Gedeon Burkhard, Olaf Ittenbach


Gedeon Burkhard, Sven Martinek, Shon Abram, Ronald Nitschke, Miriam Schroetter, Carrie Getman, Taryn Nelson



Forty years ago, a gang of bikers tortured and brutally slaughtered a family of peaceful farmers in search of “the key”.

The present. Tim (Gedeon Burkhard) and his business partner Josh (Shon Abram) have just averted bankruptcy by closing a last minute deal with a Chinese company. They celebrate their success at a fancy restaurant together with their girlfriends. But trouble comes into paradise when a notorious gangster boss sends out a couple of thugs to ambush Tim and rob the down payment from the Asian deal. Heavily wounded, Tim and his friends manage to escape. On a highway in the middle of nowhere they accidentally crash their car with the gangsters still on their tails. The four retreat into the woods to hide from the villains. At a small farmhouse they encounter the recluse Erebus (Sven Martinek) and his family who have retreated from modern society to live a simple life in solitude. The farmers decide to shelter Tim and his friends. But soon the gangsters close in and surround the house, so that nobody can escape.

Inside the house, mysterious incidents take place in Erebus presence. The farmer and his intentions remain obscure to Tim and Josh. Whose side is he really on? When the gangsters finally decide to invade the farmhouse all hell breaks loose in a brutal and action-packed showdown that brings back the demons of the past and marks “the key” to a new beginning.

THE KEY is a fresh and stylish Grindhouse horror film made in Germany and stars Gedeon Burkhard from Quentin Tarantino's cult movie "Inglourious Basterds", Carrie Getman ("Life on Mars") and Shon Abram (Steven Spielberg's "Hook").

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