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Gloves of Stone

Gloves of Stone

Alternate Titles: The Kid Chamaco

Action/Adventure, Urban | English | 95 minutes


Fairway Film Alliance

Cast & Crew


Miguel Necoechea


Don Franken


Carl Bessai, Kirk Harris, Miguel Necoechea


Martin Sheen, Kirk Harris, Alex Perea, Danny Perea, Gustavo Sanchez Parra, Raul Mendez, Sofia Espinosa, Michael Madsen



In the tradition of Rocky and City of God The Kid: Chamaco (aka Fighter) is a contemporary boxing tale of father and son overcoming vast differences to help train a young Mexican fighter plucked from the streets of Mexico City. The father is a US doctor, and his son, a burned-out boxing pro, unite to shape the young Mexican teenager into his country's new idol. Along the way, the three men discover hidden strengths, and embrace unforeseen destinies.

Stars: Martin Sheen (West Wing, Apocalypse Now, ), Kirk Harris (Intoxicating, Hard Luck), Alex Perea ( Cloroformo, Zordo), Danny Perea (Duck Season, Para volver a amar), Gustavo Sanchez Parra (Amores Perros, Leap Year), Sofia Espinosa (Gloria , Los Bañistas , Raul Mendez (Narcos, Legend of Zorro) and Michael Madsen (Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2, Donnie Brasco).

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