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The Last Rumba

The Last Rumba

Drama, Musical | English | 90 minutes


The Mise En Scene Company

Cast & Crew


Guillermo Iván


Ilean Almaguer, Josef Brandmaier, Osvaldo de León, Olinka Dueñas, Guillermo Iván, Zair Montes


Guillermo Iván


Osvaldo de León, Ilean Almaguer, Guillermo Iván, Alfredo Diaz, Monte Bezell, Zair Montes, Ed Trucco, Ariann Murad


Nicholas, A Cuban-American Musician Decides to come back home to New York after a four year journey in Havana, filled with emotional turmoil that made him reconnect with his roots and the essence of his music. Nicholas arrives in the big apple possessing his new memories and beliefs. Most importantly he brings Celso, his best friend and music partner. Celso is always with Nicholas, but Celso doesn't talk, doesn't move, doesn't play or compose music anymore, because Celso is dead. Celso passed away few months before their trip to New York, yet Nicholas carries his ashes with him everywhere he goes. He truly believes that Celso communicates with him. Nicholas had promised Celso that someday he would help him find his father in New York. Nicholas keeps his promise and he finds his father, A well know musician in the Jazz arena of Manhattan and introduces his only son's ashes to him. Their emotional journey of reconnection, affection, forgiveness, love and pain becomes a learning process for both. However, they must begin to understand and learn how to let go of their best friend and son in order to move forward in life.

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