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The Leakers

The Leakers

Action/Adventure, Drama | Cantonese, Mandarin | 93 minutes


China 3D Digital Distribution



An epidemic threat of an infectious fatal disease broke out in Malaysia. The threat drew international attention immediately. In such a desperate time, the World Health Organization did not object the use of a new medicine manufactured by Amanah, a pharmaceutical firm with international acclaim, before the medicine passed the authorities’ examination.


In the heat of the epidemic, a Malaysian journalist and the eldest son of the chairman of Amanah, Teo Chun Loong, were found dead in a sudden. Although prima facie evidence showed that both were suicide cases, Malaysian police officer Lee Weng Kan (Julien Cheung) suspected the two men were murdered. As Teo Chun Loong’s wife (Chrissie Chau) fled to Hong Kong right after her husband’s death, Lee Weng Kan went to Hong Kong and joined a Hong Kong police officer, David Wong (Francis Ng), to further the investigation.


Later on, after Teo Chun Loong’s wife was killed in an explosion at her hotel room, Lee Weng Kan and David Wong received an USB flash drive containing a video clip in which a secret organization self-claimed as the Leakers revealed the dark side of the medicine business. Meanwhile, Hong Kong journalist Carly Yuen (Charmaine Sheh) received a call from the Leakers too and was requested to meet up. While the truth was about to be unveiled, killers came to stop it . . . .

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