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The Mindful Journey

The Mindful Journey

Childrens, Fantasy | English | 12 minutes


Cimplify Films

Cast & Crew


Rob Cimperman


Rob Cimperman


Erika Jones-Trujillo, Reed Cimperman



This is a reading of the 2019 edition of "The Mindful Journey," brought to life by John M. Cimperman's original artwork plus a collection of AI Art, sound effects, and voiced by the family upon which the story is based (my own). Watch the entire 8-minute story plus another 4-minute "Afterward" providing additional background on the Buddhist legend of Shambhala and the principles of meditation.

A boy flees his responsibilities into the jungle, but finds wisdom in the mythical Kingdom of Shambhala. This poetic children’s book and discussion of Buddhist principles helps young and old see that magic we seek has been with us from the start. Life’s not fair. So this beautifully-illustrated dramatic reading of an 8-minute children’s book and 4-minute discussion make a bite-sized Buddhist message of Basic Goodness that is essential for Westerners to hear, now more than ever: happiness comes from facing our world rather than escaping it.

Enjoy the latest exciting Cimplify Films production, now available for distribution on Filmhub!

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