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The Myrtles Plantation: Murder, Mystery, and Magic

The Myrtles Plantation: Murder, Mystery, and Magic

| | 42 minutes


Second Sight Paranormal TV

Cast & Crew


Ericka Boussarhane



In St. Francisville, Louisiana lies the picturesque Myrtles Plantation; touted as 1 of the MOST haunted places in America! It may not be the grandest of plantations, but what it lacks in presentation, it makes up for in disturbing history and lore. Visitors report seeing apparitions, lights turning on and off, faces and handprints in mirrors, vanishing objects; hearing random footsteps, rattling doorknobs, children’s cries, and unexplained smells.

But is this plantation the paranormal hotspot it’s claimed to be? Does it hold the dark and tragic history of poisonings, hangings, mutilation, murder, and gunfire claimed? Can fact be separated from fiction? Ericka and her team are about to find out.

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