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The Old Man and the Sea: Return to Cuba

The Old Man and the Sea: Return to Cuba

Documentary | English, Spanish | 77 minutes


Matt Dean Films

Cast & Crew


Matt Dean


Finbar Gittelman



Life on the sea is beautiful and deadly, and we see both sides of that story through the eyes of a man lived his entire life on the open water.

Epic Documentary "The Old Man and the Sea: Return To Cuba" features 75 year old Admiral Finbar Gittelman and his Schooner "Wolf" as he shares stories of his life struggles including facing off with the Cuban Military during the Mariel Boatlift in the 1980's and being one of the only survivors of a category five hurricane which sunk five ships in the gulf of Mexico.

Filmed in Key West, the Florida Straits and in various locations in Cuba, this documentary is filled with exceptional vistas as well as original Cuban Music and newly recorded sea shanties made especially for this film. "The Old Man and the Sea: Return to Cuba" is filled with optimism and hope as it explores the ideas of a well lived life.

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