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The Other Story

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Loews 334
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The Other Story

Drama | Hebrew | 112 minutes


Foresight Unlimited

Cast & Crew


Avi Nesher


David Silber, Avi Nesher, David Milch


Avi Nesher, Noam Schpancer


Joy Rieger, Sasson Gabai


An estranged father (Yonatan) gets a call from his ex-wife (Tali), and learns that his hedonistic daughter (Anat), whom he hasn’t talked to in years, has suddenly given up her lifestyle by deciding to marry a devout musician (Shahar), and enrolling in an ultra-orthodox seminary.

Fearful and shocked by her mysterious embrace of religious zealotry and denouncement of her former life, Yonatan and Tali are desperate to force Anat off her new path, from which there will soon be no turning back. However, the closer they try to get to Anat, the further she wants to distance herself from them. As the wedding approaches, Yonatan discovers a new way to approach Anat, but this new path carries grave risks.

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