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The Redeemer

The Redeemer

Action/Adventure, Western | English | 90 minutes


Safier Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Myles Clohessy


Myles Clohessy, Jared Safier, Rob Simmons


Brandon Routh, Timothy V. Murphy, Mo Brings Plenty, Irene Bedard, Chris Mulkey, Robert Clohess, Eddie Spears, Greg Hovanessian, Dana Sparks, Baylee Toney


After her husband is brutally murdered, a young and newly pregnant homesteader and her Native American mother in law must fight for survival after being kidnapped by a gang of violent outlaws. Meanwhile, a washed up war hero and his estranged son embark on a rescue mission into the frontier to save them. But the horrors and dangers of the Wild West, and the Father's troubled past keeps catching up to them. Leaving the two women to fend for themselves in an epic story of survival, revenge, and redemption in the Wild, Wild West.

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