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The Warp

The Warp

Horror, Thriller | English | 70 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Gene Shibuya


Gene Shibuya


Gene Shibuya


Meredith Grau, Nicol Razon, Bill J. Stevens, Mikos Zavros, Cameron Jappe



Sarah, an ambitious ghost hunter, is hired by a wealthy businessman to investigate reported hauntings at a facility he owns. Potential buyers have been scared off by reports of “activity” at the building, and he is motivated to have Sarah debunk any rumors.

Eager to make money and gain notoriety as a paranormal researcher, she starts the investigation. Sarah hires 3 unmotivated and recently out of work people to join her in the hunt, including a struggling web content creator, a mideast war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder issues, and an old college desperate for money. Despite warnings of past deaths for unknown reasons at the building by a local expert, she starts the investigation with this flawed crew.

The group enters the facility and encounter paranormal entities that subtly and specifically prey on their personal weaknesses. Instead of heeding signs that she is dealing with a possible demonic presence in the building, she presses on with the investigation with the intention of communicating with a recorded victim from the past. The presence enters deeper into the psyches of the crew members and warps their minds into committing terrible acts on each other.

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