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The Wedding Pact

The Wedding Pact

Romantic Comedy | English


Spotlight Pictures

Cast & Crew


Matt Berman


Jonathan B. Schwartz, Eric Scott Woods


Matt Matt


Haylie Duff, Chris Soldevilla, Angie Everhart, Leslie Easterbrook


“The Wedding Pact” is a hilarious tale of romance which gives hope to every guy who fears he has lost the girl who got away.

On their first day of college, Elizabeth Carter (Haylie Duff, “All About Christmas Eve,” “Napoleon Dynamite”) met Mitch Becker (Chris Soldevilla, “Coyote Ugly”) and the two immediately became friends. Although for Mitch, Elizabeth was always more than just a friend. Mitch fell in love with Elizabeth, but hid his true feelings from her.

On graduation day, Elizabeth shocks Mitch by making him an “offer he can’t refuse.” She says that if neither one of them is married in 10 years…they should marry each other! Mitch thinks she meant it as a joke, but in the back of his mind he sees it as a sign that she may share his feelings.

Cut to…Ten years later and Mitch is still single. Not a big surprise since he has never gotten over Elizabeth, who he thinks had gotten married years ago. However, his best friend, Dave (Kelly Perine, “Diamond Dog Caper,” TV” “Drew Carey show”) tells Mitch the marriage never happened so she’s still single.

Thinking he’s been given another chance, Mitch drops everything and heads cross-country to take Elizabeth up on her offer. After many hardships getting to her, including a proposition by the vivacious Laura (Angie Everhart, “Take Me Home Tonight,” “Bordello of Blood,”) he reconnects with Elizabeth…a week before her wedding! This is going to be more complicated than he thought. But true love cannot be denied, and Mitch sets about making Elizabeth his before she marries the wrong guy.

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