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The Whale House

The Whale House

Documentary | English | 88 minutes


Terra Incognita Productions

Cast & Crew


Margarita Ramon


Jim Compton, Michela Raske



The Whale House follows the Native Alaskan community of Klukwan as it heals and

rediscovers its traditional culture through the return and restoration of its most sacred

stolen artwork, the Whale House carvings which are considered by many to be the

“Sistine Chapel” of Native American Art. Following a decade-long court battle and

unprecedented legal judgment of Tribal Law, the Whale House Artifacts were given

back to the Tlingit’s.

A condition of the arts’ return was for the community to create a place for it to be

properly appreciated and in 2016, the Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center opened in

Klukwan. Now, Tlingit art and a return to their traditions is helping to heal the traumas of

the conquest, and creating opportunities of artistic self-expression and influence for

Alaska’s first Peoples.

The film takes viewers on a first-person journey through the pain, healing, resilience,

and celebration of the Tlingit people and the cultural resurgence taking place through

their traditional art.

With rare performances by renowned artists and luminaries from Alaska and Canada,

“The Whale House” is an engaging look at the artistic Native Renaissance of the Pacific


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