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The World we Knew

The World we Knew

Heist, Horror, Psycho-Drama | English | 78 minutes


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Cast & Crew


WW Jones, Luke Skinner


Andrew Orr


WW Jones, Kirk Lake


Struan Rodger, Finbar Lynch, Johann Myers, Kirk Lake



Following a raid gone bad, six armed robbers escape with the cash to an isolated safe house. Lucky to get out alive, all they need do is wait overnight for safe passage in the morning.

But frayed nerves and recriminations abound among this band of disparate, distrustful criminals: BARKER (Struan Rodger) fresh out of prison, out of luck, and out of time. GORDON (Johann Myers) the washed-up boxer, drunk on violence. STOKER (Kirk Lake) a secretive pimp, procurer, and provocateur. EDDIE (Alex Wells) a young grifter, out of his depth on his first big job. And gang leader CARPENTER (Finbar Lynch) trying to keep it all together and deal with his fatally wounded right-hand man.

Any one of them could have sold out the gang to the police. Tensions run high. A night can be a long time when there’s no one to trust. One by one, the men begin to turn on each other, tormented by strange and malignant apparitions, haunted by their past violent crimes. Soon they start to lose their fragile grip on reality battling for their lives, unsure of what is real and what is the product of their tortured minds.

Is it guilt or ghosts that finally push them over the edge? And who - or what - will remain when day finally breaks?

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