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There's Always Hope

There's Always Hope

Drama | English | 90 minutes


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Successful author, Jonathan Stack, has been so obsessed with trying to pen his hit novel, he's let his marriage to Samantha, also his agent and editor, breakdown to the point where she announces she's leaving him for her business partner Luke, a hapless control freak who’s loved Sam forever.

Shocked, Jonathan abandons the elegant family home in leafy Stratford Upon Avon and drives his ancient Jaguar XK150 to the family villa in Portugal.

Enter Hope, their young daughter, who can’t get any sense from her mother. Hope abandons her studies and pursues her father to find out what’s gone wrong. While in Portugal, she finds the truth is more complicated and in some ways unexpected and learns a life-lesson in the process. The truth is clear though, her parents still love each other and she’s determined to re-unite them.

She enlists the help of both her half-sister Amelia, a human rights lawyer and their lovely Portuguese housekeeper, Gabriella.

It takes a lot of guile, but they manage to rescue the marriage even though Luke turns up to try and stop it.

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