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Thrasher Road

Thrasher Road

Comedy, Drama, Road Movie | English | 86 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Samantha Green


Allison Brown, Christian Kohn, Joe Rogers, Kara Revel, Michelle Carlson



Pregnant and broke, Chloe is beating a retreat from L.A. home to Vermont when an accident strands her with Thrasher, her old and incontinent dog. Unwelcome help comes from her dad, Mac, dispatched as last resort by Chloe’s desperate mom. Stuck together in Chloe’s little Prius with thousands of miles to go and thirteen years of estrangement behind, Chloe and Mac just start to find their way when a change of plans renews ancient injuries. Seeking to redeem himself by fixing his daughter’s life, Mac makes a disastrous detour, only making things worse as he falls back on the bad habits that jeopardized his family years ago. Fists fly and roles reverse: To get her dog back, Chloe has to come to her dad’s rescue, forcing a confrontation that changes where their story is going. Together they bury ancient griefs, from which second chances can take root.

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