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“Tiger ,Run!”

“Tiger ,Run!”

Alternate Titles: 虎墩小镖师

Animation, Comedy, Family | Chinese, English


Beijing Joy Pictures Co., Ltd

Cast & Crew


Jian Xun Niu


Yi Zou


Little Tiger, an apprentice with the Four-Seas Bodyguard Services, wants to change the course of his destiny. He dreams of one day being the best runner for this rag-tag group of bodyguard professionals. But he constantly finds himself stumbling into trouble in this poorly managed group.

The "Master" of the bodyguards is a stern and harsh character. He can't afford mistakes from his team or himself, especially from a recently recruited untrained apprentice.

By some mysterious fate, Little Tiger finds himself paired with Master as they set out on an arduous journey protecting a valuable commodity through the mythical wilds of Northern China.

The two overcome internal and physical obstacles along the way, gradually understanding and trusting one another.

As Little Tiger progresses towards becoming a professional bodyguard, a dilemma presents itself that can change everything he has worked so hard for. Does he choose to complete the journey and become a bodyguard of the Four-Seas? Or, does he save his Master from certain peril, giving up his chance to finally realize his dreams?

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