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Toby Goes to Camp

Toby Goes to Camp

Family | English | 90 minutes


American Cinema International

Cast & Crew


Michael Sarna


Michael Sarna, Joshua Wexler


Lucas Morrell, Michael Sarna


Eden Ginsberg, Megan Porter, Ben Campbell



One part animal adventure, one part human musical, and all parts fun. Toby Goes to Camp is the heartwarming follow up to Toby's Big Adventure. In his latest adventure, Toby is off to summer camp. Kids to play with, sailing, sports, singing, dancing, and camp fires, all of which sounds awesome to Toby, but a nightmare to Lana - Toby's crotchety Labrador guardian, who would prefer to just sleep and be left alone. But it won't be all fun and games as the duo have to contend with an evil land developer who is trying to steal the land from the camp. This time they are joined by a spunky little pig, a pair of ferrets, a fast talking raccoon, and a slow moving tortoise, who will all lend a paw to help Toby save the camp.

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