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Da Capo

Drama, Musical | Korean


K-Movie Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Chan-yang SHIM


Isaac HONG, Haeun JANG


Tae-il, an aspiring songwriter who ekes out a living by composing music for commercials, can no longer bear the many compromises that line of work demands and decides one day that enough is enough. As he reminisces about his college years, a time when he felt free to explore his own music and lyrics, he leaves the city for his hometown. There, he bumps into Ji-won, a former member of his old band and his old crush, who now teaches in a music school. Some of her pupils, teenagers who have formed their own band, are about to take part in a music contest, and Tae-il winds up coaching them for the big day. One day, upon receiving a chance to record an album with the songs he wrote with Ji-won, he asks her to come with him to Seoul…

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