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Tomb Town

Tomb Town

Horror, Western | English


Zephyr Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Kevin Ramlal


Logline: When their small town becomes occupied by a white supremacist militia, Ty and his family must save their ranch and uncover the sinister truth behind the militia’s intentions.

Django Unchained meets Re-Animator

The Pitch: Ty Simmons, a young cowboy, takes great pride in his work and his family’s ranch. They’ve held their land in the small Texas town of Redding for decades, as is the case for many families in town. Not only do they hold one of the largest plots of land in town, they’re also the only black family. While the town treat the Simmons with respect and admiration, Ty has always noticed there was something they weren’t being told. His grandfather, Aaron, encourages Ty to be more trusting, but Ty can’t shake his suspicions.

When one of the ranches in town is discovered to be an old burial ground for a family of slaves, the town is suddenly overrun by a white supremacist militia. The militia rampages through town, commandeering property as they go. While Aaron bunkers down the ranch for the incoming invasion, Ty ventures across town to the recently discovered burial site. There, he discovers the militia’s true goal; using Nazi methods, they intend to re-animate the remains from the burial ground. Ty intervenes and gives the remains a proper burial.

However, once Ty heads back to the ranch, he must cross through a slew of now-white supremacist territory. As he does, he discovers a truth behind his town’s history, and confirms his initial suspicions.

Status: In Development, additional materials available upon request.

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