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Trapped (Pre-Production)

Trapped (Pre-Production)

Action/Adventure | English | 145 minutes


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Cast & Crew


Dallas Gibson


FBI agent Ela Patel and her unwanted partner Bobby Zane as they chase the evil drug/sex trafficker (Unknown leader TBD ), has devised a stealthy and despicable scheme to smuggle drugs and children into the US. This group uses the drug & Sex money to advance their plans for a corporate takeover of the media giant NIS which controls 80% of all radio, television, movie messaging to teens and children in the world. They will do anything to become the new CEO of EIE. Only Ela and Bobby can catch this sociopath and save the world from this devious plan.

Desired Cast:

LEAD FBI (ELA PATEL) agent - Sonva Malhatra

Unwanted Partner: Bobby Zane - Steven Zahn

Director - Angelina Jolie (Rumored)

Gang Crew (Evil women/men ): Jung Hoyeon, Zazie Beetz & Angelina Jolie

Timothée Chalamet
Southeast Regional Film Festival: Best male Actor

Completion Year