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Drama | English, German | 120 minutes


Beta Cinema

Cast & Crew


Marcus H. Rosenmüller


Robert Marciniak, Chris Curling


Marcus H. Rosenmüller, Nicholas Schofield


David Kross, Freya Mavor, John Henshaw, Harry Melling, Gary Lewis, Dervla Kirwan


Bernd Trautmann, born in 1923 in Bremen, became a soldier at the age of 17. He was captured by the British, becoming a prisoner of war. During a game between the prisoners he is noticed by Jack Friar, trainer of the amateur football club St. Helens FC in a nearby small town.

Trautmann was a complete surprise to his teammates, on and off the field. Prejudice subsided and friendship between Trautmann and his fellow players started to develop. When it was time for the prisoners to go home he had lost his heart not only to football but to his trainer’s beautiful daughter Margaret. Both had to give up a lot to be with each other. But Trautmann could not have forseen the wave of outrage that came with his engagement at Man City FC.

Thousands took to the streets against the signing of the „Nazi“. Taking the hate, feeling alienated and alone, Trautmann’s and Margaret’s loyalty to each other being seriously put to the test.

They received support from an unexpected direction: Rabbi Alexander Altmann, who fled the Nazis to Great Britain in 1938, published an open letter against the anti-german slogans.

His path to acceptance began and climaxed at the 1956 FA Cup Final when in front of 100.000 spectators he secured victory for Man City by playing on despite having broken his neck.

Then fate twisted the knife. Trautmann’s son was killed in a car accident. Heart broken Trautmann wanted to give up. But a whole nation had learned to accept him. And so he started to prepare for his comeback. For all those who learned to forgive, for those who had lost someone and most of all for his son, who admired him the most, he had to step back onto the pitch.

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