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Tutto Liscio

Tutto Liscio

Comedy | Italian | 100 minutes


IndustryWorks Studios

Cast & Crew


Igor Magltagliati


Edoardo Bechis, Samuele Sbrighi


Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Serena Grandi, Giuseppe Giacobazzi, Ivano Marescotti, Enrico Beruschi, Piero Maggiò, Emma Benini, Samuele Sbrighi, Alessandra Chieli



Brando Brown is the lead singer in the folk music band “Tutto Liscio”. He made a promise to his grandfather and founder of the band to always keep the band together, no matter what the cost. When Luana - the lead female voice of the band - quits to pursue her own dream of becoming famous, the band falls apart. Just when everything seems lost and Brando himself has almost given up, the members of the band and Brando’s estranged daughter come up with a plan to save the band from extinction: enter the largest folk music contest in the city. Nobody is ready for this, but after this night, the band will be remembered forever.

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