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Action/Adventure, Drama, Thriller | English | 97 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Josh Hodgins, Dante


Sirodjiddin Murzaev, James Nasimi, Josh Hodgins, Dante, Rebekah Kochan


James Nasimi


James Nasimi, Michael Madsen, James Hong, Alix Foedisch, Dante, Rebekah Kochan



The Civil War in Tajikistan (former republic of Soviet Union), that shares border with Afghanistan produced many thousands of displaced, lost, kidnapped and killed children. Aliev couple, which has twin sons Rustam and Suhrob becomes one of many thousand of families,that becomes the victim of war. Twin brothers Rustam and Suhrob are seven year old as an explosion in their front yard devastates their parents. Suhrob is taken by member of Opposition forces allied with Taliban and Iran and Rustam is left with Government Forces allied with Russia. Many months later Suhrob is trained in a training camp of Opposition Forces in Southern Tajikistan headed by Mehrob and Rustam is adopted by an American family, Paul and Jennifer Higgins.
Years later Rustam becomes a soldier in the U.S military and Suhrob a member of Taliban in Afghanistan. Rustam's adoptive parents Paul and Jennifer die in a car accident, he is consoled by his girlfriend Julia. Mehrob's nicknamed as "Hangman" due to killing and ambushing of American soldiers. American General McAllister is sworn enemy of Mehrob. Due to regional look and knowledge of Farsi Rustam is deployed in Afghanistan as a covert agent to help eliminate Mehrob. Meanwhile Suhrob has become most trusted student of Mehrob schooled to fight American troops. While on the base Rustam constantly video calls his girlfriend Julia, who is pregnant now. Now having infiltrated Rustam in a close circle of drug- dealers in Afghanistan McAllister gets a chance for the first time to apprehend Mehrob and to take a classified flash drive from him. Brothers meet for first after many years and find out that Gen. McAllister and Mehrob are involved in a drug operation with Russian General. They leak materials to the world, go back to Tajikistan to reveal that their mother is alive. They embrace and enjoy family reunion.

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