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| English | 97 minutes


Vedado Films

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DEX HAMELIN doesn’t believe in ghosts. It’s just his job. As the host of a ghost-hunting reality show, he spends his nights playing up every creak and groan of creepy locales across the country. But with ratings sagging, the production company is ready to pull the plug. Desperate, Dex and his co-host AMY convince the network to give them one last chance. But rather than some abandoned lunatic asylum or creepy old mansion, the network sends them to the thoroughly normal looking suburban home of WILL CHEEVER. But looks are deceiving, and the team quickly realizes this house is truly haunted, so much so that Will’s wife and son have abandoned him, leaving him alone with the entity there.

The network is so thrilled with the early footage that they send in SANDY WELLS, a bona fide ghostbuster. But Will is horrified to learn that Sandy is there is “cleanse” the house and destroy the entity that haunts it. He tries to kick them all out, but the house has other ideas as all the doors and windows lock, trapping them inside. Sandy becomes convinced that Will himself is the source of the events, a poltergeist. When Amy is lured outside and set free, it only bolsters Sandy’s theory, since Will had demonstrated feelings toward Amy. Clear now in his mind, Sandy sets up a giant electrical grid that will discharge energy throughout the house. Will goes berserk, screaming at them to not hurt his son, attacking Sandy; when Sandy fights back, the house erupts around them, culminating in a rain of kitchen knives impaling Sandy.

Amy uses her freedom to track down Will’s ex-wife CAROLYN, only to discover the tragic truth that Will had been hiding: the accidental death of their son, and Will’s overwhelming guilt and grief that drove his wife away. Knowing now that the boy’s spirit is seeking to be set free of Will’s grief, Dex fires up Sandy’s apparatus. Will rushes through the house, desperately trying to reach his son’s room, collapsing as the electricity surges through him and for a brief moment Dex sees the boy’s door open, a slender arm reaching out, Will stretching out for his son’s hand as the interior of the house is engulfed in crackling light.

Sitting in the now quiet house, watching the final footage, Dex takes a call from the producers. As they excitedly ask about the footage, Dex informs them it was all a hoax. There’s nothing there. He hangs up and, his eyes on the monitor, reaches out and hits Erase.

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