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Action/Adventure | Chinese


Golden Dragon Pictures Limited

Cast & Crew


Stanley TONG


Jackie CHAN, Yang YANG, Lun AI, Qimiya MU


Jackie Chan stars as Tang Huanting, the head of an International security agency known as Vanguard. Vanguard is hired when an accountant, Qin Guoli learns of his friend’s terrorist ties and leaks the information to the US government. In a subsequent bombing, Qin’s friend dies. Tang discovers there was a sole survivor of the bombing; Omar, the son of the man Qin betrayed. Omar vows to avenge his family by attacking the
people responsible for their deaths. He hires a fearsome group of mercenaries known as the Arctic Wolves to hunt down Qin and the only thing standing in their way is Vanguard.

In London the Arctic Wolves attempt to kidnap Qin but their plans are foiled when Vanguard helps Qin escape. Qin still fears for his family and instructs Vanguard to protect his estranged daughter, Fareeda. Fareeda is on expedition in Africa and is ambushed and held captive with a Vanguard operative, Lei Zhenyu.

A high octane chase ensues, from Africa to the Emirates. Omar captures Qin and hauls him to his headquarters in Dubai. Omar is intent on attacking a US aircraft carrier and needs Qin’s intel to find his dead father’s hidden resources to finish the job. Tang and the Vanguard team are the last hope to stop Omar.

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