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Verano No Miente

Verano No Miente

Comedy, Drama, Road Movie | Spanish | 120 minutes


El Valle Films

Cast & Crew


Ernesto Santisteban


Sofia Maldonado, Ernesto Santisteban, Maria Elisa, El Valle Films


Ernesto Santisteban



In a countryside house located in the Ecuadorean Andes Mountains lives Christine, a paralytic old woman who has decided to be isolated from the world. In that place, she found refuge in old memories of her first love, Manuel. Years after getting married and widowed from another man, Christine and her daughter, Julia, decide to put together a plan in order to reunite two young people at their countryside house. Christine's drive is for them to fall in love, so she can relive love through their eyes.

Consequently, Julia meets Angie, a literature student, and Santiago, an artist dedicated to restoring religious art. Christine is not even close to imagining the amazing journey that awaits her with both of them. As the story goes on, more peculiar characters join them on this unpredictable voyage. For instance, Su, an eccentric girl; Don Curador, an art professor; and, an old man from Luxembourg.

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