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Victuals: The CRE8AMEAL Story

Victuals: The CRE8AMEAL Story

Alternate Titles: Victuals

Documentary | English | 141 minutes


The Cre8ameal Story, LLC

Cast & Crew


Jude Orozco


Gregorio Palomino, Iverson Brownell


Gregorio Palomino


Gregorio Palomino




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VICTUALS checks all the boxes:

  • Global Award-Winning & Recognized (26 and counting)
  • True Story
  • Drama
  • Conspiracy
  • Scandals
  • President Donald Trump
  • COVID-19
  • Helping Others
  • Beautiful Stories
  • Fraud
  • Money
  • Food Banks
  • Media
  • Politics/Politicians
  • Government Contracts
  • Real American People
  • Small Business Success
  • Mexican American/Minority Success
  • No Slow or Filler Time
  • Cross-Segment Subjects & Professionals (event, hospitality, film, travel, food, beverage, logistics and more!)

The highly publicized global story of an underdog event management company taking on one of the largest and most important challenges of feeding food-insecure Americans during the global COVID-19 pandemic, a feat no other event company in the world had the opportunity to perform; and a story no other will ever be able to tell in a gripping, edge of your seat, continuously evolving and multiple climax points throughout the story; all with exciting outcomes.

As part of President Trump's $3,000,000,000 USDA Farmers To Families Food Box Program, VICTUALS covers the story of a team that was provided an opportunity to stay in business and help others through humaniatrian aid; all the while facing backlash, global media attention, politics, death threats, and much more. Follow the team on their endeavors, triumphs, struggles, fears, lessons, stories, fraud uncovered and real poeple from real organizations right in your own backyard that were directly impacted by the food provided by this event team in the food world. From the West Coast to the East Cost, this story will impact you directly in some way, whether you knew about this story or not.

VICTUALS covers the purpose of the mission, the global media drama surrounding it, the faces served and the surprise outcome not many expected. VICTUALS is a story of success the majority never exepected; and politicians never wanted.


VICTUALS will be the next big documentary on everyone's radar. VICTUALS is appearing for the first time and possibly only time at the American Film Market for limited time availability as the film has NOT been distributed, publicly screened or shared with the public. Offers will be considered. VICTUALS is owned by The CRE8MEAL Story, LLC and all assets (hard drives, raw footage, trademarks, designs, images, logo, etc) of the company that owns VICTUALS is available if desired. Decision makers will be present to discuss terms and provide more information as requested. Both Producers will be present to consult and provide 100% accurate answers & information.

We look forward to meeting you!

Greg Palomino & Iverson Brownell; Producers

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