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Village Of The Dead

Village Of The Dead

Horror | English | 120 minutes


Atlantic & Pacific Studios LLC

Cast & Crew


Timothy Beal


David Baughn


A doctor is donating his services for free in the peaceful village of La Casita,Mexico. The 5 members of the council agreed that he should be provided his home/office and allow him to choose fresh cadavers in his quest to bring the dead back to extended life, mainly due to his wife whose days are numbered. The Midwife and Priest convince the Mayor, Merchant, and Sheriff to renege on their promise. When they confront the doctor, things get out of hand when the doctor’s most recent cadaver comes alive and freaks out the town council. Some of the council throws lit torches and destroys the house and everyone in it….So they think! A body aflame goes out the back window and
douses his body in a nearby stream. Months later, a new doctor shows up that doesn’t experiment with the dead. All seems well. Suddenly, one by one, the town council members are turned into zombies.Twists and turns to the surprise ending will have the viewing audience begging for more. Iconic Actors Jesse Ventura and Ice T have expressed interest in acting in this Film.

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