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Black Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Romance | | 82 minutes


Phonograph Films

Cast & Crew


Violenta Flores


Juan Carlos Zaldivar


Violenta Flores



Violenta is an elevated genre feature film (dark humor, family drama, and gore) about a trans vampire vigilante, who haunts the old quarter of a classic colonial city; as she struggles to attain closure with her biological mother and with a past rooted in domestic violence while she feeds on those who exploit women, the poor, and the marginalized.


Rafi grows up in a violent household, ruled by an abusive father. For the safety of her child, Rafi’s mother, Dolores, decides to send young Rafi to a boarding school away from the father’s ire. The result is tragic. When Rafi’s life is threatened by bullies at school, the child escapes and ends up lost in the city’s red-light district. There, a mysterious matriarch, “The Gypsy,” proclaims to the child, “I’m going to give you a gift.” With supernatural strength, The Gypsy sinks her fangs into Rafi’s neck. This is how Violenta is born.

10 years later, we meet Violenta accompanied by her companion, trans woman named Sandy, while V targets two foreign sailors, who are abusing a woman. In a fit of vengeance, Violenta horrifically kills the two men and when she bites one, the man’s anger seems to enter her body. Sandy reproaches Violenta for bitting assailants, reminding her that she must be careful who she bites because they become part of her. Violenta storms out, leaving an unhappy Sandy to clean up the bloody scene as usual.

We discover that Violenta has been watching her mother all these years from afar. Dolores, who has remained in her abusive marriage unhappy and frustrated. It is not long before Violenta decides to become an active participant in her mother’s life again. One night, she appears to Dolores in a deserted street and follows her home. A beautiful reunion ensues, overlooking the city landscape from a cliff. Violenta comes out as a vampire to her mother, who accepts but pleads with her to "please don’t dress like a slut.”

Violenta is approached by a homeless child named Truman and she brings him home to Sandy. Around the same time, a handsome Mafioso, Armando, begins to woo Violenta with flowers at an edgy nightclub, where she moonlights as a cabaret singer.

Discouraged by Violenta’s lack of physical contact and lack of focus on family life, Sandy decides to leave Violenta and to take Truman with her but, a vicious gang of looters soon put Sandy and Truman in mortal danger. Violenta senses this in her coffin but the family is unfortunately called to face the mortal consequences of the violent world they inhabit. Violenta is too late to the scene. She attempts to bite Sandy to absorb whatever life force is left in her and now, with part of Sandy inside her, Violenta is called to reconsider the difference between justice and revenge.

Back home Dolores grows proud of Violenta’s newfound power and ruthless existence. During their full night outing, Dolores witnesses Violenta making a kill. This incident prompts Dolores to mistakenly kill Armando on his second date with Violenta

Our story climaxes when Dolores is arrested. What follows is an elegant massacre rescue mission where Violenta clears Police officers from the way like weeds from a garden. Violenta reaches her mother's jail cell. “I’m going to give you a gift” and she bites Dolores in the neck. Their bodies melt into a brand-new being. But is this really what is happening?

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