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Walking Dharma

Walking Dharma

Alternate Titles: 如常

Documentary | Mandarin | 71 minutes


Creative Century Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Cast & Crew


Hsih-Chih HSIEH, Chih-An CHEN


Po-Wen YEN


Rui-Huang CHEN, Mei-Zhi SONG, Hui-Xiong YU



"In giving without expecting any reward, you will see the power of companionship.”

There’s a group of people working silently in Taitung, Taiwan, taking care of elderly who lived alone, orphaned teenagers, volunteer fighting cancer and people who are struggling with their stressful life in the dark corners of the society.

They view suffering as the usual occurrence, they have no regret for their dedication. They believe that in giving till the end of ones’ life is enriching each other’s life.

The director interacted with the subjects for more than a year & a half for this documentary. Filming 7,000 minutes of this group of characters with a combination of more than 500 years of age, it bears witness to the challenges and hardships of the volunteers, the warmth and happiness in their camaraderie, and the power of mutual help. Some characters in the film might have passed on, but the warmth they projected lives on with another human being. In comparison to today’s indifferent society, the tears shed in these cases tell the story of another kind of love.

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