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Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the Family

Alternate Title: Benvinguts a la Familia

Black Comedy | Catalan


Filmax International

Cast & Crew


Welcome To The Family takes a comical look at the institution of family, showing courageous mothers, adopted children and dim-witted widows embarking on the journey of life together; a journey which will lead them to form indestructible emotional bonds. Because whatever the kind of family, we should never forget the three musketeers' motto: All for one and one for all.

When the bank forecloses on her house thanks to the debts left behind by her husband, Angela has no choice but to seek help from her father, a multimillionaire who she hasn't seen for more than twenty years, if she's to have any chance of getting her home back.

But after a fierce argument between the two of them, Angela's father drops down dead from a heart attack. Confronted with this sudden and unexpected turn of events and desperate not to find herself and her family out on the street, Angela suggests they keep her father's death a secret, at least until they can find out what's written in his will. Along with Victoria, her father's new girlfriend, and daughter Alex, Angela and her family will embark on a race against time to find her father's will, while at the same time trying to figure out where to hide a dead body.

When they finally discover the will, Angela's worst fears come true: Eduardo hasn't left a penny to his daughter or his girlfriend. The only heir to his vast fortune is Marcos, his son. Now it really does seem like they're out of options... or does it? What if they were to hide Eduardo's body until they could find a way to change his will?

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