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When the Air Stands Still

Science-Fiction, Thriller | English | 95 minutes


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Cast & Crew


Tom Paton


Scott Adkins


As the world’s plant life became infected with a deadly strain of spores, the atmosphere turned toxic for those unfortunate enough to have survived. Fifteen years after the fall, Nash lives off the grid, maintaining his home and scavenging for supplies whilst staying hidden from the gangs that patrol the area. Even the smallest tear in his suit could mean certain death, but Nash is working on a plan of escape that will take him to the coast, where rumours of breathable air are circulating.

When he captures a girl called Aella trying to steal from his home, he is forced to reconcile the man he has become during the apocalypse with the one he used to be, whilst also protecting them both from a group hell bent on taking what he has.

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