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Winnin Thru

Winnin Thru

Documentary | English | 60 minutes


Brumby Media Group

Cast & Crew


Cheryl Robson


Steve Robson


Paul Ogedenbe, Tayo Ogedenbe


The Story - Winnin Thru

What does it mean to win thru? To strive for perfection, to become the very top of the table, and dominate the fields around you? Is there more to winning? To look behind the races, the trials, matches, and events. What pushes an athlete forward & why does winning matter to them.

Focussing on the journey of two brothers and two sisters as they strive in their battles to overcome racism both inside and out of the highly competitive world of sport. Despite the constant trials and obstacles faced, it’s through determination and self-belief that they triumph against all the odds to become stars within their respective pathways. In the heartwarming stories of these athletic stars, hope is passed down for young people of color. As we explore their past, insight into their experiences provides a window into the journeys faced not only by the individual but by many of similar backgrounds.

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