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World Natural Heritage USA 3D - Yellowstone

World Natural Heritage USA 3D - Yellowstone

Documentary | English



Cast & Crew


Norbert Vander


Peter Baaten, Benjamin Krause


Peter Baaten


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The Yellowstone National Park is the oldest national park in the world. It is home to a landscape with the world’s highest concentration of geysers and thermal springs, as well as being famous for its herds of bison that roam the plateaus of the highlands.

The herds are often accompanied by wolves, which were reintroduced to the Yellowstone National Park around ten years ago. Black bears, beavers and wapitis also inhabit the park, which the locals affectionately refer to as “The Yellowstone”.

A park justifiably recognised by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site. After all, in addition to its impressive flora and fauna, the national park provides us with an insight into the history of the Earth’s origins. It transports visitors back into a time when volcanoes and the forces of Mother Nature once shaped our world. These forces can be experienced when huge fountains of water shoot high into the sky and pure energy from the Earth’s interior finds an outlet.

The World Natural Heritage Yellowstone National Park – a film in which nature plays the leading role, thereby illustrating why it makes sense to both preserve and protect it.

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