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You're Not Normal, Either!

Drama, Romance | Japanese


Hakuhodo DY music & pictures Inc.

Cast & Crew


Koji Maeda


Ryo Narita, Kaya Kiyohara


Ohno wants to fall in love and get married, like a “normal” person, but it just doesn’t work out whenever he tries. Then his savior appears: a teenage girl named Kasumi, who knows all about “normal love”. Or so he thinks: it turns out she just knows a lot of trivia and has never dated in her life!
The two of them team up to try and help Ohno in his romance! Their target is Minako, the daughter of a wealthy family. They use all of Kasumi’s knowledge to come up with the perfect plan based on Minako’s hobbies and habits, and the mission begins! But while helping Ohno’s romance, Kasumi was in fact on her own mission to get her Prince Charming who happened to be Minako’s fiancé…

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