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Zombie TV

Zombie TV

Comedy | English | 75 minutes


Precision Action Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Egypt Reale, Michael Cuomo, Vincent Guisetti, Dominic Bonelli


Michael Cuomo


When the television networks decided to produce nothing but reality TV shows one man, Dan “The Man” Troy, a brilliant but often misunderstood television host decided he would raise the bar. He enlisted seven wanna-be actors (lured by the promise of stardom) and convinced them to participate in what he claimed would be the greatest reality show ever made. His plan, take these actors and trap them in a house with eight unsuspecting contestants (who he turned into zombies) sit back and watch the fun unveil. As hidden cameras captured the entire thing he watched to see who would survive the night. Dan’s plan however, evolved into more than he had imagined.

This spoof movie is a zombie-tastic ball of fun that will shock, bore and entertain.

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