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180 seconds

180 seconds

Alternate Titles: 180 segundos

Thriller | Spanish | 90 minutes

Las Entreprise

Latido Films

Cast & Crew


Alexander Giraldo


Diego F. Ramirez


Alexander Giraldo


Manuel Sarmiento, Angelica Blandon, Alejandro Aguilar, Luis Fernando Montoya


Zico is the leader of the most envied criminal band in the city, their hits are clean, with no bullets or injured victims, and they leave no trace. Zico is preparing one last robbery so he can leave the country with his sister Angelica and start a new life. The plan is perfect and their team, the best: Zico the strategist, Angelica the security systems expert, El Guajaro the resourceful and smart accomplice, and Rincon, a tough, fast and strong guy. The robbery must go down in exactly three minutes. 180 seconds that will reveal some unknown details: an infiltrator in the band, a secret love, a police special unit that is after a bigger loot and a soccer match that no one will ever see. 180 seconds that expose regular human beings who laugh and make laughter, who love and want to be loved, who steal and don’t want to die.

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