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A Genie's Tail

A Genie's Tail

Family | English | 90 minutes

Las Entreprise

Showcase Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Brent Huff


Shauna Shapiro Jackson, David A. Jackson, Elisa Eliot


Laura Marano, Jake Paul, Kevin Farley, John Farley, Riley Jackson, Merrick Hanna, Hunter Payton


A GENIE’S TAIL is a magical film where a puppy unearths a genie’s Aladdin-type lamp housing two boisterous, bickering Genie brothers. When a young boy makes a birthday wish, one of the Genies ends up inhispuppy who suddenly becomes BIG. Being stuck in a dog makes the genie’s wish-granting abilities extremely unreliable, and his attempts to grant wishes for his new master end up in hilarious – and inconvenient - blunders.

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