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A Royal Family Christmas

A Royal Family Christmas

Comedy | English | 88 minutes

Las Entreprise

American Cinema International

Cast & Crew


Lance Kawas


George Shamieh


Rhonda Baraka


Javon Anderson, Tichina Arnold, Vivica Fox

La Bande-annonce


A Royal Family Christmas - the children Phillip "Flip" Royal (Romeo Miller), a good-looking spiritual guru; Austin Royal (Eric Myrick III, At Sunrise), a Washington, D.C. community activist; Kelsey Royal (Chelsea Tavares, Fright Night), a fashion designer's gopher; and Pamela Royal (Taquilla Whitfield, Magic Mike XXL), a hair and nail salon owner; join forces to reunite their parents in time for Christmas. They try every trick in the book - including "playing nice" and setting aside old sibling rivalries - only to learn their mom and dad are enjoying "the single life." Their plan also goes awry as getting their parents back together ends up taking a back seat to their own personal and professional drama.

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