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A Royal Family Feast

A Royal Family Feast

Comedy | English | 88 minutes

Las Entreprise

American Cinema International

Cast & Crew


Lance Kawas Lance Kawas


George Shamieh George Shamieh


Rhonda Baraka Rhonda Baraka


Javon Anderson, Tichina Arnold, Vivica Fox

La Bande-annonce


A Royal Feast - Royalty in name and mind only, the Royal family led by patriarch Leighton (Richard Lawson) and matriarch Alfreda (Debbi Morgan), kick-off the first film, Royal Family Thanksgiving, with a fake break-up ruse to lure their overly-busy children home for Thanksgiving. Surprises and challenges ensue, including drama with Alfreda's envious sister Mona Levi (Vivica A. Fox); the revelation of a deep, dark family secret involving Alfreda's former acquaintance Chivonne Price (Tichina Arnold); and dealings with Leighton's super-loud, outspoken cousin Nelson Royal (Ricky Harris). Unfortunately, Leighton and Alfreda both play their roles too well as old wounds are re-opened and their carefully planned reunion leads to chaos - and a potentially real break-up.

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