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Adventure Boyz

Adventure Boyz

Action/Adventure, Family | English | 91 minutes

Las Entreprise

High Octane Pictures

Cast & Crew


Howard J. Ford


Howard J. Ford, Galen Christy, Mark A. Silba, Matt Medisch


Jon Campling, Angela Dixon, Justin Hayward, Russell Shaw, Glenn Salvage, Ruben Pol, Flip Webster, Jonathan Hansler, Richard Banks, Anthony Arundell, Lee Nicholas Harris, Sharon Lawrence, Sorcha Brooks, Sarah Maddocks, Laura Savage, Nelson E. Ward, Fiona Gent, Dave Lee, Renato Pires, Robert Cohen, Rory Ford, Felix Ford

La Bande-annonce


When Speedway champ Mike Harris is left to look after his kids for the summer holidays, he is stunned that they want to sit inside and play on devices. Insisting they get outdoors for real adventure he sets off a chain of events that will change their lives forever! When the boys discover a hoard of stolen jewels from a royal castle, bumbling criminals are soon in hot pursuit. Getting their dad arrested for the crime, the boys must use all their skills to bring down the criminals and get dad out of jail for his final speedway race!

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