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Alien Report "My Hidden Camera Footage"

Alien Report "My Hidden Camera Footage"

Fantasy, Horror, Science-Fiction, Supernatural Thriller, Suspense, Thriller | English | 81 minutes

Las Entreprise

Earths Dreamland

Cast & Crew


E.D L.


Kevin Schroeder




Braxton Hale

La Bande-annonce


✪ A life-long alien abductee figures out a clever way to hide tiny micro-cameras on himself and in obscure places recording alien encounters with telepathic beings, human-alien hybrids and the elusive MIB (Men In Black) for an in-your-face alien experience. A kaleidoscopic trip down the UFO rabbit-hole, you see and hear everything this alien abductee encounters.

✪ A NEW, stand-out UFO experiential movie. Filmed as a POV selfie-style thriller with little editorial, no music track and hardly any narration, Alien Report is a beast of a different movie using modern, tiny cameras that bring you right into the scenes.

✪ 2021 AFM visitors, we seek distribution opportunities far and wide. Check out early-viewer reaction (link below) of an Alien Report sneak-peek test run of Vimeo this Sept-Oct-Nov. We collect Facebook outreach data to learn audience reaction, viewing interest, demographic trends, and social media engagement.

Test Run Audience Reviews: Alien Report

" Alien Report is this generations, The Blair Witch."
- Film Critic, Moe Long

"...captures the surreal, dreamlike, and inscrutable nature of the real alien abduction experience"
- Center for UFO Studies (CUFO)

"Once it starts, you can't look away"
- Horror Asylum

"Strange, surreal, eerie, and visually bewitching, one of the most fascinating and creative FF films seen in years"
- Found Footage Fanatics

"Four out of four stars, a must see for UFO enthusiasts"
- Dakota County Tribune

“Would you like to see the Saving Private Ryan of alien abduction stories?”
- Dough Threft (Test-Run sneak peek, link above)

“Just watched it, Goddamn amazing flick”
- Anthony Martz (Test-run sneak peek, link above)

“I watched it 3 times”
- Missy Jaflaj (Test-run sneak peek, link above)

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