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Amplify Her

Amplify Her

Documentary | English | 88 minutes

Las Entreprise

Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Nicole Sorochan, Ian MacKenzie


AppleCat, Lux Moderna, Blondtron, CloZee, Kytami

La Bande-annonce


Music heals, right? Depends on the depths of the wounds. In Amplify Her,Electronic Dance Music artists battle demons from their painful pasts to emerge as beacons in the global festival scene. Blondtron, Applecat and Lux Moderna overcome isolation, illness, and gender bias to give life to their creativity. This visually dynamic film weaves animated motion comics created by the characters to offer intimate access into the colourful worlds of emerging female artists. Rather than ask the expected: “why aren’t there more women in this male dominated scene?”, we wonder: “what is unique about feminine expression and how might we all benefit when it flourishes?”

Année d'achèvement