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Drama | Japanese | 97 minutes

Las Entreprise

GETA FILMS / Green Light LLC.

La Bande-annonce


HIRAKATA, a long-established apparel company, used to be one of the leading apparel manufacturers in Japan. However, the company was unable to keep up with the global wave of casual wear and fast fashion, and was in dire straits. Keisuke Hirakata, the president, and his younger brother, Yusuke Hirakata, the managing director, are at odds with each other. In order to revive the company, Yusuke turns to Yuji Fujimura, a former employee who left the company 10 years ago after clashing with the president, to help him launch a new brand. Fujimura, known as an outrageous and unique designer, scouts out Kyoko, a young pattern maker he saw in town, and brings in four staff members, including Seita Yoshino, HIRAKATA's assistant designer, Kataoka, a PR expert, and Yuriko, a high heel craftswoman, who is the most important factor in making clothes. With gathering each ability, they try to create a new fashion.

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