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Bad Boyz Band

Bad Boyz Band

Family | Thai | 90 minutes

Las Entreprise

Vela Entertainment Co., Ltd

Cast & Crew


Chantana Tiprachart, Karun Khumanuwong


Kritsanai Pirayarangsan


Isara Chaisiri, Panitsara Yang, Chalermpol Thikamporntheerawong, Rossarin Tanwattana, Wikorn Thanakorn-ukkarakul, Pannawit Jirawatthanatkul, Pan Panitcharoen

La Bande-annonce


“Bad Boyz Band” is a new kids and family movie with a rock music theme,
inspired by the mega-hit Thai song “Bad Boy” by the alternative rock band “Paper Planes.”

The song has captured the hearts of teenage audiences across the country, with fans singing along like never before. Recognizing the phenomenon, “Writer Lab” developed this exciting film, incorporating the “Bad Boy” song as the main theme.

This unique approach to a rock-themed family film is something that hasn’t been done
in a long time and is sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages.

At his first sight, Song realizes suddenly that she’s the one, for being either pretty and groovy. But what can an 11-year-old do having a crush on a high school senior!?!

Uncle Pong, a famous adult rocker, comes to a rescue, by forming a band consisting of Song and his boyfriends under the name “Bad Boyz Band”, with intent to draw Jinny closer. Song tries even harder to further impress Jinny, who is already pursuing her dream to be a rock princess, in order to get her in. Jinny’s good look later attracts a producer guy named Arm, who makes a move to reach her upon viewing her self-promo video clip. Arm later persuades Jinny to instead sign for a prestigious record company, which would accepts only her – and none of Bad Boyz Band members.

Song comes to a crossroad, where he needs to choose between sharpening the band’s skill to win over Arm, and going “make-or-break” to conquest Jinny’s heart, in “Bad Boyz Band” style

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