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Capps Crossing

Capps Crossing

Thriller | English | 84 minutes

Las Entreprise

Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Mike Stahl


Mike Stahl


Mike Stahl


Brian Cory, Ashley Sullivan, Parker Alexander, Marcus Parker, Isabel Siragusa

La Bande-annonce


Six hikers make their way to Capps Crossing for a long weekend of geocaching and drinking. During one of their hikes they discover a memorial for Tracy. A single rose lays at the bottom of the cross. One hiker takes the rose with him as they depart setting off a tragic series of events. David, who lives in the forest and was Tracy's boyfriend when she died, stalks and studies the group. He listens to their conversations and learns the group's dynamic and the dysfunction that lies inside. He uses this information to plan his attack and make the group pay for dishonoring Tracy.

Année d'achèvement