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Chuck Zito: An American Story

Chuck Zito: An American Story

Documentary | English | 90 minutes

Las Entreprise

Playmaker Pictures LLC

Cast & Crew


Dominique Milano


Dominique Milano, Todd Causley


Mark G. Chapman


Sylvester Stallone, James Caan, Mickey Rourke, Ron Perlman, Michael Madsen, Pamela Anderson, Robert Patrick, Michael Jai White, Dean Winters, Chazz Palminteri, Costas Mandylor, Robert Davi, Joan Jett, James Russo, Emilio Rivera, Randy Couture, Vincent Pastore, Russell Peters, Tony Danza, Rigan Marchado, Bruce Buffer, Tom Fontana, Andrew Dice Clay, Frank Stallone


“Chuck Zito: An American Story” is a documentary featuring multi-talented and versatile Chuck Zito : Boxer,
martial arts expert, bodyguard, stunt man, actor, and expresident of the New York Hells Angels club.

A path forged with honor, respect and integrity as conveyed by his respected family and later on, embraced
by Hollywood’s biggest celebrities to oversee their private security details.

Chuck Zito IS an American story…

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