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Climber's High

Climber's High

Drama | Japanese | 144 minutes

Las Entreprise

GAGA Corporation

Cast & Crew


Masato Harada


Rikei Kubo


Masato Kato, Izuru Narushima, Masato Harada


Shinichi Tsutsumi

La Bande-annonce


On August 12, 1985, a jumbo jet was crashed the 524 passengers turned to 4 survivors and 520 fatalities, making the accident the biggest single-plane accident in the world. The local press reporters are tossed about by the waves of facts and rumors.
While overwhelmed by the magnitude of the accident, Yuuki, in charge of this crash report at a local newspaper, faces a string of decision-making moments. What are news and a reporter? How should a man do his work and survive in a corporate hierarchy? What do family and friends mean to him? An intriguing story, which keeps the audience on the edge of tension and reality.

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